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What is the process of having a custom garment made?

There are four appointments:

1. Your garment is discussed, fabric is chosen, and measurements are taken

An appointment for your first fitting is scheduled, four weeks later.


2. You will try on your toile (a sample garment made in canvas or muslin, based on your measurements) and I will check the fit and make necessary adjustments

An appointment for your second fitting will be scheduled, about three to four weeks later


3. You will try on your new, adjusted toile and I will confirm the fit, mark style lines and make further changes if necessary

An appointment for your pick up date will be scheduled four weeks later


4. Your garment is ready to be tried on and picked up!

How long does it take to have a garment made?

10 to 12 weeks - this includes two fittings

How much does it cost?

This depends largely on what garment is being made and what fabric it is being made of

Some ranges for:

Shirts and Blouses: $350 - $600

Pants and Skirts: $500 - $900

Dresses: $700 - $2,000

Unstructured Jackets: $700 - $1,500

Sportcoats: $1,000 - $2,000

Suits: $1,800 - $3,000

A quote is agreed on and a 50% deposit is taken to initiate the process - the balance is due upon completion

Client Consultation
1 hr
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